VMF Model Writer

VMF Model Writer lets you place models in gmod and then define them to be prop_statics or prop_physics and write them directly to the vmf for easier model browsing and placement.


  1. Place vmf in data folder
  2. Rename mapname.vmf to mapname.txt
  3. Select the props you want to add to vmf using left click
    Red - prop_dynamic
    Green - prop_static
    None - will not be added to vmf
  4. Reload to write the vmf
  5. Locate mapname_withmodels.txt in data folder
  6. Rename mapname_withmodels.txt to mapname_withmodels.vmf
  7. Open with hammer


Yet to try, but looks useful and promising. Thank you.

You could also include a batch file that will rename all .txt’s to .vmf or use the raw I/O dll to rename it.

And what about the prop_physics?

Can you add a support for prop_physics, like this:

Blue - prop_physics

This looks like it could be very useful for detailing, you should look into a way to do the conversion automatically, as you know some retard is going to spam “OMG i dun wurk!”

So this is a simplified version of the VMF loader? Sounds pretty promising, keep it up.

No its for placing models in a map and then writing the models back to the VMF

I might give this a try. Thank you.

Hi. I’m detailing a castle map that I’m in the process of creating. I’m about to finish with the tool and I have a question about something. Which data folder do I place it in? Right now I have it in garrysmod/garrysmod/data folder under gm_baconesian_castle.txt and I’ve selected all the models I would like to write into it (there are alot), but it says it cannot find gm_baconesian_castle.txt . Am I placing it in the wrong folder or do I have too many props? O_o If anyone knows please respond because I think it has to do with the name/placement of the file.

Dunno, double-check the spelling of the file. Did you create that map anyway? It’s also possible that some update broke it… Still a bump. Haven’t used it really.

Yeah I’m making it in Hammer. I’m trying to detail it because it’s so much easier to detail in Garry’s Mod. But I still cant get it to work after I double checked the name, so I’m gonna take pictures and try to organize it from there. Thanks for the response though! :]

Also DON’t do anything after starting the compiling process, according to Valve Dev Wiki “Don’t do anything, even save.”

does this apply constraints too??? (weld,rope,etc.)

Hehe, Takes me back to GM7 and older a little with the Export to hammer option… Those were the days.

Bump for usefulness. I love this tool.

I nostalgia’d.

brb download GMod 9.0.4

Aww my net went off and my reply didn’t save :frowning:

Anything that is done with Lua won’t save - just the props.

Now make one with the new mesh functions to export as brush and my life is complete :buddy:

Just used this tool, worked beautifully.

I noticed some problem though, If you save them game and go back in and try to save it will not and will name the model name in hammer model. Also if you save and save again everything will still be red but nothing will have been saved. That was marked previous to the save. Probably my mistake though,

The new mesh functions? Do tell.