VMF needs to compile?

Hello everyone, I need to eliminate the “EMO” texture map rp_evocity_v33x, in this thread, I downloaded the texture and VMF file, but it does not work, I replaced the VMF file all of missing texture on those that I have …

Explain what can I do something wrong? VMF file to be compiled, or simply place in the maps?

P.S. Sorry for my English… google translate

It’s likely that the texture is packed into the bsp.

you could potentially use a tool like packrat to remove the texture from the bsp.

Need to recompile the map then?

when you have the vmf open in source sdk, either press “Run Map” on the menu bar or press F9


check your compile log for where the bsp gets saved to, then put that bsp in your maps folder

Using PakRat no, you can add in or extract textures with it or similar tool. You’ll need to compile the .vmf in order to use it, but it can take DAYS so it’s not an option. Best way to fix missing textures is to open .vmf in hammer, seek out the missing textures, find their supposed path and add those files into your materials/ folder. You don’t have to add them into the .bsp. Just make sure your .vmt is pointing to the correct texture though.

Don’t packed BSPs overwrite all resources, though?