VMF Release of almost all the maps I did


Since I not longer map for Source, I have decided to release the sources of almost all the maps I have made along all this time (except collaborations or maps modified from other people). Basically I’m releasing them so other people can see examples of brushwork or especially, entity setup. Considering that most, if not all of them were made for Obsidian Conflict, they are of lower quality compared to the ones seen for example here for Gmod or newer engines (especially with the entity limit). But the intention is what matters, right?

Note: The pack only have VMF, VMX and BSP files of the maps. For the content you will either need CS:S, DOD:S, any of the HL2 games, Obsidian Conflict mod or if are custom made from me (that are terrible as I can’t texture for shit and the models are meh), check them from their original releases here.


https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/fenixm/MaestroFenixSourceMaps.7z (thanks Glitchvid for the alt mirror).

What you will find on this pack:

-Released maps like Strike or SnowStorm.
-Unfinished maps like the second chapter of Vicarious Traumatization or the remake of his first chapter.
-Old or discarded versions of others maps like the alternate endings of Nerv.
-Test maps like the Combine Advisor or the Combine APC follow movement tests.

You can learn from them, but if you are going to use/modify them, credit me, ok?

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License