VMF Reverting itself?

I’ve been editing an HL2 map from the SDK for about a week now. It had a unique name and was saved in my garrysmod/mapsrc folder. I saved it periodically. Yesterday when I opened it, it had completely reverted back to it’s original form.

I needed to decompile it to get my vmf back, but that gets rid of all my optimization. It didn’t seem to screw up any materials or brushwork, however.

Does anyone know what could have caused this, and is there a way to retrieve it?

Check for an autosave file, either a *.vmx in the same directory or <drive letter>:\HammerAutosave.

That’s the strangest part. The vmx also reverted.

Nothing in the HammerAutosave directory?

Does the Date Modified indicate the file was ever saved?

Can the problem be reproduced under similar conditions?

Nothing in the HammerAutosave directory. I found the vmx for it in the directory I saved it in.

The date modified does not indicate it ever being saved, but I know for a fact that I saved it. I haven’t had any computer restarts or crashes.

I’m not sure exactly what the conditions would be.

Same as last time, but with less extensive editing just to test if the file is being written to. If not, try moving the file elsewhere.

Well I’ve been editing my decompiled version and saving/closing/opening and it is working fine.

Much as Terrenteller is already helping more than I can, decompiling is a bad idea in any situation, if your intention is to recompile.

I’m well aware of the risks and caveats of decompiling/recompiling. It seems to be my only option at this point unless there’s a way to retrieve my old version. I put too much work into editing it to start all over again.

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It seems impossible for my computer to think it was never edited.

Thankfully the decompiling of it didn’t seem to turn out as one of the horror stories I hear about. My occluders, areaportals, and visclusters are gone, but all the entities are fine, the brushwork doesn’t appear to have changed at all, and all visible materials haven’t been shifted or distorted. The only visible problem when I recompiled was a few lighting ents got screwed up.

It really depends on how complicated your brushwork is Grease.

For what I have tried, decompiling only fucks up if one of the brush vertexcies is not on the grid.

Damn. Now Hammer isn’t opening anymore. I even restarted my computer. Looks like I’ll have to reinstall the SDK.

You could of tried deleting your steam\steamapps\username\sourcesdk and it would of rebuilt when you launch it.