VMF Take Away Megathread! - Drop your dead VMF's here.

So, here is a megathread of Dead Vmf’s.
Vmf = Valve Map File . If you were making some map and you decided to stop it because you got bored. Post it here, Someone might find it useful and maybe even you will get some credit. So post pictures and link to archive of yours.

I will start:

Hospital Map:






Some palace map:






Link to both:
both in same archive.


Damn this was my idea, http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=838164

Hopefully this thread will be more successful than my one. :smug:
Great vmfs by the way.

Thanks for making the thread!
Now I can maybe use some old VMF’s people don’t want in my map (with proper crediting of course), or learn from them!

I’ll post some of mine once I’ve sorted through them.

I got a whole load of vmfs to dump, but I need to find their corresponding bsps and take pictures.

Have fun, there’s quite a lot of stuff in there. Remember to read the readme.

Oh and it seems somebody has reported the file, god knows why but I can assure you that it’s 100% safe.

Edit: Oh lovely, they’ve taken it down. Re-upping now.

I believe you zipped a .rar file.

I think the idea of a vmf dump is a great idea! If people are bored with or stuck on a map, they drop it here and someone can try to finish it. I know plenty of mappers who have quit on a great map concepts half way through (myself included) and stuff like this could provide an outlet for at least some of those ideas to still happen.

Nope I figured it out. I gave it the tag “VMF” which is blocked because most files tagged “VMF” are decompiled maps.

Oh, damn. I wish this thread was made earlier. I just deleted my old .vmfs.

Don’t have anything to contribute, but arleitiss’ hospital looks pretty neat, maybe I’ll try something with it soon…


some mall I dug up out of my autosaves.
I would really like to see someone do something with it.

Oh goddamnit, 56 minutes and I get ninja’d.

Whoah Demondog that is one sexy mall… maybe I’ll try texturing it in a few lol

I’ll upload some of mine tommorow, got a movie theatre map for TF2 thats like 20 percent done, if even. Great idea.

I think someone could add a lot more into the prisoner_hospital map. Easily pre-setup for someone who has no starting ideas. Not feeling so hot on the palace map.

I made this folder a while back. All that I remember is that it contains an Empire State Building, and an old, unfinished, rp map, rp_greensburg.



A bunch of crappy VMF’s I dug out of my old folders.
All of the ck_* maps were meant to be a singleplayer mod where you collected macguffins to get to the final level, and puzzles were involved. However, I don’t have the time or gumption to finish it, so it’s all yours, facepunch. Use these maps to learn how to make brush-based weapons, teleporters, cameras, puzzles, bossfights, door locking mechanisms, etc.

P.S., good luck compiling ck_desert, a modified version of my old Octavarium map (which I should re-release someday…)

No license, do whatever you like with them, you don’t even have to give me credit. Please don’t try to just compile the thing and claim it as your own, cause they’re far from perfect anyways and it’s just dumb.

“Octavarium map”

I’m still waiting.

They took mine down because I accidentally put a .rar into a .zip and that’s naughty.
Re-uploaded it: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=91895

Oh yeah, you’ve been around long enough to remember, I think it was end of 2006 when I finished it…

edit: It doesn’t really have anything to do with dream theater. It was a giant desert RP map.