VMF to Sketchup?

I know it is possible to export a Sketchup file to a VMF to use in Hammer, but is it possible to do it the other way around?

im not sure how that would work cause it would have to also put in all the textures into the sketchup file so i dont think so. but i could be wrong

Missing textures wouldn’t fuck anything up really.

I don’t really mind missing textures or not, I just want to work on my map in Sketchup without having to start all over.

Choose File > Export as .DXF in Hammer and import it in SketchUp (another plugin from the L4D SU plugins is required (so check if you have installed all plugins)). But it will merge the brushes into one mesh. It gives you the sizes of your map but you cannot use it to reimport it into Hammer.

Thank you!