VMPI Still possable?

With the orangebox update a while back it broke

any other way to use VMPI

Not without fixing it.
Its Source-code is available when you create a mod on the SDK.

I have just about got VMPI working.
It only works for VVIS though.

If you copy and paste the map after VBSP to each computer, then run vvis with -mpi on the compile options, then run
“vvis.exe -mpi_worker ip pathtomap” on your worker machines, then it should work.

Why would you need it though?

That’s not how VMPI works, and VMPI has changed since I wrote that Wiki page.

I wrote the Wiki page on VMPI, but that was back when the “easy” version of VMPI existed. Valve for whatever reason changed VMPI again to work similarly to to the 2003 leak VMPI, which was much more complicated.

In order for VMPI to work, each machine needs a copy of the compile tools (and steam), but only the master needs to have the map source for compiling. You’ll have to create two text files: dependency_info_vvis.txt and dependency_info_vrad.txt and place them in the same folder with the compile tools.

These two text files are used as a manifest of files that need to be copied across the network to the slave machines. One file that should be listed in dependency_info_vrad.txt is lights.rad (if you’re using texture lights.) Other files (like models) should automatically be sent over from the master as needed.

But as metallics said, there is no real use for VMPI anymore. Even huge properly optimized maps take at most 30 minutes to compile, and most of that is usually spent on radiosity.