VMT help!

So, I’m trying to make this stormtrooper model I have in HL2 not have the traits that metal does (sounds, sparks when moving, etc. . .). With the advice from Cheesecurls over STEAM, I edited each VMT, and made it the same except all I did was add

“$surfaceprop” “Flesh”

to the end of each one.

When I load up the game, they still have the metal traits, and don’t get bullet impacts. Is there anyway to fix this? I tried making a new VMT with VTFedit, but when I do that, it makes the model invisible and I get Material models/stormtrooper/st_b does not support vertex format used by the mesh (maybe missing fields or mismatched vertex compression?), mesh will not be rendered.

Any help?

Post your average VMT in

Also, that won't change the way the model's surface props, because they were probably already specified as metal in the QC, when they were compiled. A VMT cannot supercede that.

Yeah, ShotGunGuy helped me out. I just edited the .QC and and changed the surface material to flesh, and recompiled it.