VMT is being read but isnt showing up....

I’ve made a model in blender and have textured it. This is being read as it says so when viewing it in crowbar. However the view doesn’t actually show it and gives me the missing texture checkerboard.

I then tested it in gmod and the textures didn’t appear. I didn’t get any errors for the texture however…

Being my first prop made in blender, i have been trying to diagnose the problem for a day now and don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Anyone got any idea?

Material name in blender the same as the vmt?
Vmt has “VertexLitGeneric”?
Material is placed at the correct path?
QC file points to that path ?

That’s all I can think of :slight_smile:

material has to have the exact same name as the texture, for example if the texture name is “parrot.tga”, you name the material as “parrot”.