vmt out of my face?

Hey I was wondering if anyone can make a vmt from these pics so I can place it on male 7?







What you’re asking for is a VTF, my good sir. You’re also asking for a facemap.

oh sorry for my miswording, thank you for correcting me :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering if this could be done on our own as well. I know that there’s a bunch of DVD’s somewhere about porting in your face onto a custom character, but I hope there’s a way I could do it myself.

do you think anyone here can explain it in this post or maybe do it in photoshop real quick?

I’ll attempt to do this cuz I’m bored.

Are there any tutorials on here that teach us a way to make our own facemaps?

Probably… but I learned skinning on my own.

omg! thank you! I would very much appreciate it if you could do this for me!

K it’s done. I went ahead and gave it a skin and hexed it. This skin wasn’t very hard. You have a similar head shape and facial features to male07 so it made it a lot easier for me. I tried to use your pics as much as possible even though you can’t tell from the screenshot. I’ll be uploading this to garrysmod.org later.

OMG! thank you so much! thats friggin awesome!

Here you go.


for some reason it doesnt spawn in garrysmod, it says model is missing


i think you forgot to put in the vmt for the file, which is why the thing shows up invisible