VMT Question.

Okay, looking for a simple answer here. In tweaking the VMT text file, can illumination not be used with transparency? I’m trying to get both to work, but it just doesn’t seem to want to.


$surfaceproperty "combine_glass "
%compileDetail "1"
$singlepassflashlight "1"

 $basetexture "Firebrand/Firebrand diffuse"
 $bumpmap "Firebrand/Firebrand bump"
     $translucent "1"
 $rimlight "1"
 $rimlightexponent 24
 $rimlightboost 1.2
 $selfillum "0"
 $selfillumtexture "Firebrand/Firebrand diffuse"
 $selfillummask "Firebrand/Firebrand illum"


What is it you’re trying to do with $selfillum “0” specified?

Oh, I was experimenting, trying to get it to be transparent but glow where it wasn’t. Now that I think of it, it might just be too much against the engine to pull off?

First warning on https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$selfillum says that you can’t use selfillum with $translucent on models.

Ooooooh. Well then, that would have saved me a few hours of trouble. Thanks. I had this one up, but my internet crashed, so I had lost it and couldn’t find it again. ^-^

You can’t use transparency with $selfillum but you can get the same result by using an UnlitGeneric texture with transparency (be sure to use $model as well since this isn’t VertexlitGeneric). You’d want to split the parts you want both glowing and transparent into a separate texture though just to ensure you avoid issues with the other parts of the material you want to look another way and whatnot.

Oooh, good suggestion. Well now I’m having another issue with the darned VMTs. I remade the model for better UV and better texture, now the texture won’t show up, even though the folder locations and names are the same.

Make sure $cdmaterials points to the proper path the materials are located in (omit materials/ if that’s present as that’s automatically the starting destination). The SMD file used will also contain the name(s) of the material(s) used on triangles. This is also seen in hlmv. Lastly, make sure the material’s $basetexture is looking for the right texture (omit materials/ again).

I didn’t know I had to change the SMD file too. Huh.

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You don’t have to change the SMD file, that’s just where the materials used by that specific reference mesh are listed, though if the model is decompiled then I guess that’s another story.