.vmts no longer work?

After the new update, it seems that .vmts in the materials folder (garrysmod/materials) no longer work. Why? Is this some kind of attempt to avoid “material hackers”?

I’m a texturer and I have to use the .vmts for shading, how can I easily edit out shaders in Gmod now?

For further information…It doesn’t even work in SINGLEPLAYER. Why? What kind of hacks will I do in singleplayer? I can SOMEHOW understand why .vmts don’t work in multiplayer, but this is singleplayer, nobody will get hurt or anything.

Nothing to do with anti-cheats. There’s been cases of people modifying files in their mod directory and leaving their game non-functional. The issue with that is that verifying your game’s cache won’t pick up any new files you may have added.

You should use an addon instead, just create a folder such as “addons/my_materials/materials” and do your stuff there. That way, you can easily revert to the stock game by removing the addon.

This is similar to how TF2 handles its custom content.

Thanks for the answer. I know this “method”, it’s common in many Source games nowadays.

Thing is, if I add files while I’m ingame, do they get refreshed or the addon needs to get “mounted”? How can I mount an external non-.gma file into Garry’s Mod ingame?

It doesn’t work properly.

When I add another file into “addons/my materials/materials”, it doesn’t recognize it.

With just “materials” it did.

Besides, this seems to conflict with extracted and mounted .gmas, unlike, yet again, with just materials.