Voice acting help.

Hello, I’m Vezon 1996 from Hotwire Films, makers of such films as :

A Day In Time


Zombines Rising 3 Part 1


Currently we are in need of voice actors for our currently in development film by the name of Razmataz.

Poster if anyone’s interested:

We need about five voice actors for episode 1 for these characters:

Gerald Quincy (lead)


Mr. Morris (Secondary Character)


Mr.Linburg (Secondary Character)


Porker (Minor character, only featured in this episode)


Plus anyone who would like to play an extra.

Thanks in advance.

Gay kleiner looks hot.

Hey guys: Just would like to say this is a serious production, we’re not looking for any people to do all the work while we sit idle. Hopefully the people who have been with Hot Wire films will know this is going to happen. Thanks to everyone!

Their movies are legit. Mathew Gerneth showed me a sample of the new movie. If it is the same thing he showed me, it is going to be awesome.

I can do some work, but not to much. Ill probably just talk to Matt about it over steam.
I do a really good Clint Eastwood low raspy “old man that can still kick your ass” voice, smoking old Brooklyn lady voice, descent Russian and have a good voice in general(16).

The old man voice or the russian might work for Mr.Linburg. Yeah talk to Matt about it, we’ll see how you sound.

Wow! A day in time was really amazing! I loved the story and the voice quality, it made up for the non-hi res models. Anyways, do you think you could tell me what kind of microphone you used to get such pristine and crystal clear quality voices?

Well the work of Dr. Mosque was my brother. We use a Sampson C01U USB Condenser Microphone. If I were to rechoose, I definatly would…If you listen closely, there is a large amount of static in the background.

Fulton was voiced by Captain Comedy. You can find him here on the fourms

I’m up for being Quincy… could you send me a script sample or something? i love voice acting and i have been looking for a role for quite a while now, so this could be fun :smiley:


(british btw. so yeah i do have an english accent)

We still need voice actors so if anyone is interested, don’t be afraid to try out on here.

Could we have more info on the plot?

Ok then

Razmataz focuses on Gerald Quincy, the doorman at the gay nightclub of the same name (He isn’t gay, this was all he could get). This is just a cover up however, for his real job. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays he works at the door of the club as mentioned before, but every other day, he is a hitman. However, his hitman jobs arent like your normal kind. Drug Dealers? Mob Bosses? Politicians? Maybe. But more than likely it’s the fat kid next door who plays WoW all the time who owes you money for his subscription, or something of that nature.

It’s going to be both dramatic and comical series.

I remember seeing some renders of this bob showed me.
It’s going to be good, if someone can voice act good, and passes this up, its a mistake.

Actually, what Bob showed you and what I’m doing are different, but both of what me and him are working on involves a type an assasin of sorts, though his is more dramatic than what this is going to be. They both should be very good however.

Ow never mind…