Voice activated?

Okay, probably a stupid idea, but I think it would be really nice, particularly if you could integrate it with wire… but even just with numpad outputting, could then rework it through to trigger wire… xP

But anyway, Would it even be possible to create something that allows you to record a voice-chat segment and then somehow swap mode so that when the recorded segment (With some variability obviously, so other people can maybe trigger it too?) is heard again it triggers?

idk, random idea I suddenly thought of xP I’m sure it’s been thought of before, maybe it does already exist, just thought I’d see if anyone on here wanted an idea to try

Sorry if you all think it’s stupid as hell, or it’s been asked for a few thousand times…

Anywho, any thoughts people? Is this even possible?

Someone did write a little voice recognition thing, but it was rather limited.


And I don’t think they ever finished it.


Requires a module at the very least.

I remember that some guy was making a wand using voice commands. Can’t remember who it was though, and they were banned last time I looked.


I don’t think he ever released it.

^ That’s epic.

It appears Sippeangelo used Speech SDK for this.


Mmk, so we do have proof it could work in theory, and thanks guys for finding that stuff ^^ But the real question is, is anyone up for making something to control contraptions with voice?

or for further discovery, does anyone actually know if it would be possible with chat? as the way Sippeangelo did that I’m sure it would only be able to be used by whoever owns the controller thingymebobber xP