Voice actors needed!!!

Well Me and My Friends Make Gmod movies. and We are short on people so Contact me at.

And Well talk.

More info in the chat.

hahahaha i’d never voice act for your shitty movies.

nobody else here either, since you act like a huge fucking cunt.

OMG i wanna be a movie star sign me up!

at least you put in the proper section

Relix, I seriously recommend working on machinima more for a little bit and gain experience. We want to see some good work from you, some stuff that shows you know about film and video and how to use it. So keep working, study camera angles and other things, create some good work and then come back.

Agreed. Post - Apocalypse ideas aren’t really original, either. Go for something a bit different, because your machinimas need SERIOUS work before they’re going to be anywhere near good. Don’t give up if you enjoy doing it though. DONT make it a chore to be good, if you’re not enjoying yourself than don’t do it.

For the rest of you assholes, stop picking on the guy. Lebowski, you’re just coming off as stupid. Get out.

Totally, check out this post apocalypse movie!
notice the lack of detail, and v voice acting as fumples describes

[sp]I had to[/sp]

lol scoutking.

I didn’t say it was revolutionary.

But people did generally like it. I just did a good job making a video about a cliched genre.

It’s not like that at all. It’s somthing funny but not like the gmod holy gay fag stuipid thingy

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But ok. I’ll Just make a good skit first as a Test Machinima Thank you.

Use Catmull-Rom cinematic cameras.

They Are fucked up ATM a lua error in the corner. (I’m not a noob that Video most of you saw was my first Gmod video ever so yeah)

When you work with Gmod/source, you got to realize most of your works going to be shoddy, try and figure out whats causing the LUA error and address it.
Most videos that get better ratings are better at covering up the small flukes of the engine.

Will I be paid?


…No you wont XD. I dont need it anyway. let this thread die please