Voice actors Requested - My Dark days

Please read everything.

I am working on a Machinima for now the machinima is called ‘My dark Days’ (this might change)
It is an Action / Drama movie. It goes about a man called Lucas, Lucas wolf he lived an average life, had a wife and a baby boy named Jacob, good paying job, he was an executive at United Techologies Incorporated…
And from a good live he ended up on the street… On a box.
He is telling his story about his live, What happend and how he came there…

Yes this is my first real Machinima ever made. Yes I did made alot of gaming movies.
I am a good movie editor and I know pretty much how everything works.
We got the movie scripts ready for the trailer already, And we’re almost done on the trailer of the official full movie. I am making this trailer for advertisement and because I require alot more people for the movie. I make a topic about this later.

Here is small part of the script so you get a little view

((leaving the house door open. Marcus pulls up just as the men are running out.))
“Hey what the hell’s going on here?”
((Men ignore Marcus and proceed to get in there car and drive off.))
“Jesus what was all that about?!..Oh god…Oh christ, JENNIFER!”
((Marcus runs inside the house and finds the bloody gun laying next to his wifes head))
((Marcus checks her pulse and than falls on his knees and sobs))
((Cut back to present day box scene))

The characters

-Marcus Wolf - The main character in movie, He is telling his story - We need a good voice-actor 16+ and most likely English or American

-Jennifer Wolf - The wife of Marcus wolf, She won’t be saying alot but a few last wolfs - We need a FEMALE voice actor for this 15+ - It is hard to find a female voice-actor so please if you know somebody let me know.

-Jacob Wofl - Jacob Wofl the son of Marcus and Jennifer, Yes we do need someone of the younger age, 12+ would fit perfectly not to high pitch, I can still edit the voice though - Please let me know of anyone who has talent of this

And as last I need to have someone that does a voice of answhering the phone of 9-1-1. Sorry I forgot the name how you call such person. Please reply it so I can correct it.

This means that I need about 2-3 Male voice actors 1-2 ‘Childs’ so younger persons And 1-2 Female voice actors.

We got the plans set.

Please send me an application with information of your self (common sense )

I do not write the movie script my self. I got a 18 year old lady doing that for me, So calm down. The script will be all fine.

Mail it to: Nickster3211@hotmail.com

Steam: Dubbelfris

You can add me on steam for questions as well…

I will update this post - Screenshots will come soon - A small teaser (not the real trailer yet)

Thank you for reading

Check your Mails :wink:

Thank you,

We will look at it.


We’ve came to a quick decision than you have redo the sentence, This time with more emotion - Please take your good microhpone

‘‘Jesus what was all that about?!..Oh god…Oh christ, JENNIFER’’

You are angry and worried the same time, Your wife is lying dead on the ground

Think about that and please try again

Thank you for quick response

Anyone else interested here? Trailer should be coming along soon, the machinima will be about 10 minutes.