Voice Actors Wanted

Im looking for 3-4 available voice actors for a machinama that me and my clan is working on.
Not alot is required ,just a clear mature voice, garrysmod is you want to help set up scenes, and a mic if you really want to ask :v:
but thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and i hope i get help from posting this:toot:

well heres the failed first version that we tried http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63lvIyIJG1g
but due to lack of help came out ok but we gathered more volunteers we noticed barley any of the members had a mic or a decent one to use,including my self,so going into financial matters i would love to pay you because ive been proven when money is involved products are largely improved but i don’t want to lead anyone one into thinking im paying so thats why im making it clear that im asking for "volunteers "

Start runnin’, boy.

How much?

why don’t you provide a little more information

updated main post

jesus, intro is 1/3 of the video.

yes realized that after uploading

I’m in. just PM me the information.

thank you i added you on steam,now we just need 2-3 more

I like Vman’s jelly.

Your Clan? As far as I know, no one respects or likes clans.

can i help
i sound like crackbone a lil bit :stuck_out_tongue:

no its just a machinama and gaming clan/and or group but i just put clan as a simple name

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sure just add me on steam

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wow never knew this existed

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jelly sounds nice ::3:

taggart lets mate

I can’t understand half of OP’s post.

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I bought my mic 60$, am a professionnal voice actor and got a perfect English accent. Despite the fact you’re not ok with paying anyone, I might get you to think about this twice, you won’t have such as offer until a long time.
I’m only asking 50cents per words.

Have a nice day.

sound like a horror movie messege