Voice chat audio problem

Basically since yesterday I had audio problems with the no audio coming out of other people voice chat even through their voice chat icons appear above their head and the little box that appears in the bottom right hand corner. Everything was working fine but halfway through the day for some reason the voice chat audio decided to not transmit. I still hear voice chat audio from certain people but they are in the minority compared to the majority which I can’t hear audio from. I’ve tried the console commands of voice_enable 1, voice_loopback 1, and voice_scale 1 and none of them seemed to fix the problem. So far I only seen a minority of people who have the exact same problem as well recently.

Exact same issue and it’s now happening in other games for me too like in Friday the 13th game.

Have you managed to fix this issue yet? You’re the only person I have found online that is getting the same problem. I’ve tried reinstalling steam, reinstalling my game and it does nothing. Of course I’ve checked my audio devices and it doesn’t change anything. As I said before the same issue is happening in Friday the 13th as well but for some reason I can hear them fine in lobby and they can hear me but in game it bugs out. I’ve tried updating my drivers as well.

I’m having this same issue. I’ve tried like literally everything. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know.

Check your Steam Voice settings.

steel happening to me its like blinking voice chat icon’s pls halp
it started happening within the july update

Still happening with me! Please if anyone can help I really need it!

I’m not sure if bumping is allowed, but I’m going to do it anyways because this thread is four weeks old and there still is no solution and this is more than just a one off issue (I still have the problem)