Voice Chat broken

Hello! Im having a problem where I can use voice chat or even hear it. Other players can hear eachother but I cant. I went into my voice chat settings and saw that voice chat was enabled but the receive and trasmit volumes were down. I turned them up, hit apply, and rejoined the server. Still didnt work. I unmounted all my games and restarted gmod. Still no luck. I went back into the voice chat settings and saw everything was reset again. All the volume settings were turned down. I tried verifying my files but it still doesnt work. If anyone has a solution to this please tell me! This is getting really annoying.

Does this happen on every server? Do you have any startup parameters (-dxlevel 95, -w, etc.)?

Sorry I took a while to respond. Yes it does. I tested it on 10 servers ( 1 being my own, 2 being local, and the rest random servers).
No I dont have any launch parameters.

I also tried deleting gmod and reinstalling it. That doesnt work either.

Post console log. All of it. Maybe it will shed some light on the situation.

What do you mean post console log? Like as soon as I load up the game?

As soon as you load up, when you try to change the settings ( after pressing apply/ok ) and after trying to use mic in game. Use pastebin.com please.

Nothing appears in console. I though there would be something in there but nothing changes. Gimme a min and Ill do it anyways

EDIT: The only thing that literally shows up in console is “Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote cfg/config.cfg”

Please post a FULL log. There is definitely more than that.


bump I need this fixed


This is really pissing me off. I have deleted Gmod and re-installed it. I unmounted all my games. I verified my files, and deleted ALL my addons. Nothing is working. My Voice settings keep getting reset and in console it’s saying “Host_WriteConfiguration: Wrote cfg/config.cfg” twice when I hit Apply then OK. I don’t know why this is happening

Open console and check voice_enable is set to 1. If its not set it using “voice_enable 1”.


Windows Sound options -> Communications -> set to “Do Nothing”

Sometimes people have software running in the background that interferes with GMod’s access to your sound drivers.

Your settings will just be restored from the Steam cloud if you simply reinstall Garry’s Mod so that will not help.

Right click Garry’s Mod in the Steam library -> Properties -> Updates -> Uncheck “Enable Steam Cloud”

Then try deleting your /cfg folder and verifying the game cache. It should replace it with default settings.

That helped! Thanks SOOOO much!