Voice chat is not working on our darkrp server

Ok so, basically what is happening is, we were on a evocityv33x, thats the map our server was using, when we used williams car dealer addon with the map, we noticed voice chat was not working between certain players, people couldnt talk or hear anyone, its like it wasnt registering.

We changed the map to rockford, the voice chat worked after that, so we blamed the map, a week later, and the same voice chat is breaking again. When someone tries to talk, nothing spits out. not even the yellow bubble above a users head. in their client, it looks like their talking, but to the other person they cant hear or see anything. We are running darkrp, is there an option in the server cfg we can use to make sure voice gets enabled?

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I would love suggestions on this issue? voice chat just refuses to work properly for some reason? could it be the server host?

It seems to me that a addon is clashing with another, or has over written base gamemode files. Try putting any lua errors you see in console in this post, also you should try removing the car dealer addon and checking if that solves the issue.

Try disabling GM.Config.dynamicvoice in config.lua

Could have some confliction with that