Voice Chat not Working

Whenever I press V, it de-syncs me from the game and I have to disconnect and reconnect for it to work. It does not work on any of the servers.

I’ve come down to two conclusions. Its either my network connection, or because I have an ASUS motherboard.
I have a laptop, which is an ASUS RoG laptop, and it also has the same problem, however it was tested on the same network.

My network connection works like this: I have a wireless hotspot streaming from my cell phone, which I connected to on a laptop, and then connected the laptop via ethernet to a wireless router, and then bridged the two connections on the laptop, and we run our house off the router.

I havent had any problems using a cell phone for internet yet, everything seems to work fine up until now. If you have any information or any advice, i’d be very appreciative, because I am tired of dying because of a communication failure.

Have you tried updating your sound drivers for both of them?

Yes, both computers are up to date on drivers.