Voice chat stopped working!

So ive this will be the second forum i consult on about this issue. I’ve tried to

  1. Reinstall the game
  2. Redo the voice settings
  3. Reinstall the game without cloud sync

And my last option(according to the forums) is to come here
What’s happening is i cant hear Anybody in game, and they cant hear me. Even though i have the voice settings on.
Heres a video to what happens to the voice settings.

Please help!

If those solutions didn’t work than try tweaking with the system configuration for your microphone.

Hardware and Sound/Sound/Recording/Make sure your microphone is Enabled and set as default. 

Tell me if you’ve done this before.

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The thing is the mic works with everything else

Ok got it to work…
I turned off cloud sync inside of steam and reinstaled gmod…Worked like a charm!