Voice Chatting Changes

Well i’ve been playing Rust for almost 50 hours now, and every single time i try to voice chat, people complain about that they can’t hear me… And half of the people i can’t hear myself, so there should be some sort of mic settings, like in garys mod, where you can change music and game sound, instead make it so you can change gamesound and voicechat sound… And make a setting for changing the current sound output (like instead of speakers, use you headset) and changing wich current mic is being used, this would help all the players who doesent know how to change all the settings on Windows, do make that and that and that the default or whatever… Just something i really want to be added, as voice chat is one of the most important aspects on survining in a server with 20+ people.


  • Charming_Eeveelution

There are enough options in windows and in steam to configure your headset.

If you don’t know how to change your recording device in Windows, why did you buy into an alpha?

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