Voice Lag


Wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing this (see below) before I posted in the Bug Reports section - no reason to waste their time if it’s only happening to me.

The first time I run into another person using voice I always get ~30 seconds to 1 minute of full game stopping lag. After my game recovers from that lag spike, there are absolutely no more issues.

Did a search of the bug reports forum and didn’t notice anything that really matched this issue - also did not see this issue on Trello.


Well i can’t recreate what you said. Check your Sound Card for malfunctions and check the drivers, also Verify your game Cache in case some files are Broken and causing this issue.

Other than that, i have no idea. Could you leave some system specs to check if it is a Hardware Problem?

Not running with a sound card - really no reason for them anymore. Internal sound is running off of mobo (Asus M3N78 Pro) - but also notable that this occurs off both internal sound and USB headset.

Drivers are up to date as of a few weeks ago (new installation on a SSD).

I have not verified cache, so I will try that.

As far as specs, they shouldn’t be a huge issue - as it’s only affecting voice chat, but here they are…
Asus M3N78 Pro mobo
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit
AMD Phenom 9950 Black Ed. Quad Core 2.6GHz
~8GB ram
1TB Samsung SSD
GeForce GTX 460

Edit Note
Verified cache and still occurring.

I will do some research and try to see what could be the cause. Today was a long night, time to sleep. I will check tomorrow on my desktop hehe. (Currently in my Notebook)

Thanks for your help none the less. Have a good night.

Well, i been working on trying to Re-Create this and i couldnt find out how exactly get it.

Sorry :frowning: