Voice over actor required (draft machinima video included)

Reply with/send me a soundfile/video of you speaking the opening line.

Would be better if you introduced a text file containing the words.

Here’s the script dialogue:

“I was just a kid when Emmanuel Goldstein was finally captured. That was in 1989. So much has happened since then.”
“Big Brother now reads speeches on a daily basis on the public tele screens. These speeches are written in a new department of the Ministry of Truth.
To keep tabs on citizens, the Government of Oceania has introduced scanner drones in non-proletarian areas and around Outer Party apartments.
There is also a greater police presence. The policemen now have stun sticks and metal gas mask like helmets, the former to threaten, the latter to intimidate.
Inexplicably, Big Brother has aged, at most, 10 years during my 40. Many rumours regarding this circulate - ranging from usage of younger BB look alikes to radical cosmetic surgery to an anti-aging treatment for exclusive use by BB.
But anyone who openly questions BB’s immortality are promptly arrested and vaporized.”

Here you go.