Voice Pack English to French


When i don’t put the french voice pak on the server and make a command like “505”, it do nothing , normal but when i put the french voice pack and do the same command, it tells the voice in english.

If anyone can help

I put all the voice in the addons folder and here’s the code on chatsounds.lua :

The sounds are English, all you are doing is creating a shortcut, in French, to play the English sounds

The player will hear these sounds in their language.

What language the server has is irrelevant.

Ok thanks how can I do to have french sounds ?

You will need to extract the french VO sounds. Assuming you got Half-Life 2 in french.
Located in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\half-life 2\hl2\hl2_sound_vo_french_dir.vpk
You will have to use GCFScape to extract these “npc/metropolice/vo/*.wav”.

After that, make sure the sounds will be downloaded to the players when they will join your server.
Preferably, you should use Workshop (ServerContent). It’s easier and better.

ok thank you very much

Isn’t shipping game content forbidden though? He’ll only get banned if he uses Steam Workshop


There a lots of contents on Workshop who distribute game content, most of them are maps.
If being banned on Workshop is really a problem, he will have only one option: Use FastDL.

i found all he voice in a pack on the workshop, if I use them in a collectin it’s ok ?

Wasn’t Pulsar Effect closed because of having HL2 EP2 content in the fastDL ?

i don’t really think a french voice pack is a stolen game content, i can make my own voice, it isn’t from the game so I can’t be banned

Yes. If you really worry about that. Just use the french voice pack you found on the workshop.

ok thanks a lot