Voice recognition in single player

is there a way to use voice recognition in single play like “spawn NPC zombie”, “noclip”, or “give weapon ____”

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AFAIK this is not a possible in garrysmod right now.


You could use a voice recognition program in the background and bind a key to spawn the zombie, then say the key name in voice recognition so that it presses the keybind… but why go through all the trouble?

It is possible,but it would need a custom module compiled for gmod.
It is not worth the effort.

well it would be awesome, I can run most of my computer from across the room. I would love to have the Ability to use voice camands i gmod

I was looking at SAPI not too long ago, so I could work on a project like this, but the API is just too low level for me to dive into immediately.

Likewise, other voice-related APIs are lacking when it comes to providing real powerful interfaces, as you’re really busy more of the time putting together just the basic abstraction for the module you want to write.

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Like Jvs said, it’s very possible. In fact, such modules have been written privately for GMod before, but it’s not worth the effort to recreate.

Sippeangelo demonstrated his module a while ago, I don’t think it was ever released though.

Its too bad that wand was not released it would be awesome