Voice recognition

I need some ideas for things that can be controlled via voice recognition in GMod. Recently with some help from others I have figured out how to use voice recognition with GMod, but I have no clue what I should make it control. :froggonk:

Changing guns. :3:


I was thinking about it but…if someone mis pronounces a name theres a potential for semi-disaster.

Before doing something have it ask, “Are you sure?”, to prevent that.
But I agree, administrating would be awesome by voice recognition.

Check if your an admin, obviously and say “slash kick busymonkey”?


“slash ban busymonkey 30 Pooper”

Ok then have some form of confirmation. Such as you say “Ban sintwin 30 minutes spam” then some text appears in the middle of your screen telling you what it thinks that you said and then you have to confirm or reject it.

Also how do you use voice recognition in gmod? I would like to know more :slight_smile:

^ I dont know, but I read the same thread that Doc referred to, and it’s something with Source SDK Faceposer Speech thingi, I think.


Oh, and how would you go on kicking those with those weird letters as their names? :stuck_out_tongue:

You could kick by ID.

hmm thats takes away from the whole point of the voice recognition though, speed. Looking for someones ID takes a while.


Ok I’m downloading that speech SDK and I’m going to take a look at it :slight_smile:

edit - I don’t know any other language lua so I am stuck. :frowning:

DocDoomsday, share your secret knowledge on how to use it in Gmod :slight_smile:

You could have it so when you say “identify players” it makes a derma pop up with everyones names and ID. Then you just say kickid 5 scum bag.

Also an idea is you could use it to control bots or cars, like you say forward, up, down, left, right, shoot etc. and they do it.

All done with a DLL, I’ve been talking to Sippeangelo. I wrote the rules for the speech thing, and managed to make them basically load into GMod with a DLL…but I suck at making GMod DLLs so they wouldn’t handle right :[. I’m pretty much just going to wait for Sippeangelo for his DLL since he already made it, at that point I’ll most likely make a tutorial on how to make new Speech rules and I’ll release a bunch of Speech rules.

Speech rules are what make the computer recognize your voice, you will then have to hook a function to a custom hook from the DLL for the speech thing and make it do whatever on that word.

Sounds like it’s going to be verrrry good :).

A breakdown of Grammer rules:
I used lua tags for the sake of comments, but in reality these are written in XML docs and are then compiled into Binary with a .cfg file name

<GRAMMAR> --The grammar rule is started here, Grammar rules always need <GRAMMAR> tags…derr


   &lt;ID NAME="Weldtool" VAL="1"/&gt; 


– The ID Name is what you put in for the RULE ID which you will find below.
– If they are not the same then it will fail.
– From my talk with Sippe I have gathered that he uses the ID VAL number to check the Grammar rule…
– You can’t have multiple rules with the same VAL…

-----Think of these 2 sections as separate–
-----even though physically they are not----

     &lt;RULE ID="Weldtool" TOPLEVEL="ACTIVE"&gt; 

– Things in <p> or <phrase> tags are the phrase or phrases that will be recognized by SAPI
– Any misspellings here can result in some problems so check your spelling



As of now I don’t know how Sippe’s lua section of it will work since I don’t know much about his DLL.

oh and also…This is not for making dynamic Grammar rules…Dynamic Grammar rules are really hard to make and they are what is used for saying things like “Kick -insert name here-”

Since VAL ids can’t be the same then if a bunch of people start making these rules it will have to coordinated very well to prevent issues, people would have to include the source that way we can cross check them to other VAL ids ourselves as we download new rules…or something like that.


I decided to do a rough example of a rule for now…I’ll make an actual Tut when the time is right.

Btw I don’t even know for sure if Sippe is going to push on with this…but still these rules are useful to know since they can be used in a Large variety of languages.

Kool, thanks :slight_smile:

what if yall got cliff lip