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I’d like to know if there’s a way of constant talking through voice without holding down “X”. In other words… Toggle the button.

Before any starts trolling it’s for a proper cause. Not spamming.
I talk very often, But use push to talk due to it being easier in general and people don’t get strange noises from your home when you’re finished.

The ways I could use this ability to toggle the button is… well basically for tight situations where I have to give orders to people, and act myself at the same time.
Please don’t ask too much. I’m sure the solution is simple, So a simple answer would be highly appreciated :3

Soya. <3

bind “the button you want here” “toggle +voice -voice”
I think.

Thanks for the quick respond.
But no. It sadly doesn’t work.

“voice is not a valid cvar”

Is the message i recieve.

Gimmie a sec, I’ll write you up an alias command

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alias voiceon "+voicerecord; alias voice voiceoff"
alias voiceoff "-voicerecord; alias voice voiceon"
alias voice voiceon
bind [key] voice

Throw that into your autoexec.cfg file and change [key] to a button

Now that this post is outdated or maybe not as I don’t want to try this with the revamped Steamworkshop version of Garry’s Mod due to my worries…

Anyways, would this script still work or could you make another one?

This will work fine.

just do +voicerecord in the console. it will toggle off when you hit your voice key though so you have to redo the command. The same works for duck. That’s how i build things precisely.

it would work you just need to make it +voicerecord and -voicerecord :slight_smile:

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