voice_ban.dt??????? HELP!

I am a owner Garrys Mod and I found a file titled voice_ban.dt. Does anyone else have this happen to them. Its a DT file and its only 4 bites. And even worse when i delete it is comes back. And if you have no common sense it pretty much mutes me in all servers no matter what. It shows up in
Steam/steamapps/(my name)/Garrys Mod/Garrys Mod. Helping people is cool.

Relax, it’s just a game file that everybody has. As far as I know, it doesn’t to anything (important).
If you’re wondering why it keeps coming back, it’s because Steam looks for files that are missing every time you start the game, and if there are some that aren’t there, then it replaces them from the GCF cache.

If you can’t be heard in servers, then it’s a different problem you’re experiencing. Perhaps your microphone isn’t set up correctly, or not set up correctly to work with Steam/GMod.