VoiceChannels - Private voice chat channels

A simple addon you can install on your server to let players create their own voice chat channels. Basically a PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice hook and a shitload of predone networking. I scripted this in roughly 4-5 hours and organization-wise there are a few rough spots (will fix tomorrow and push onto workshop again or whatever), but it works as intended, and I figured someone could probably get some use out of it.

Player mic audibility is only altered if players decide to join a private channel (global/normal voice chat is still an option), so it probably won’t work well on your DarkRP or TTT server, for instance. It’s better for build servers and stuff of that nature, where voice chat really isn’t that inherently important to the gameplay and can become cluttered/fuckled by 12 year olds asking where the FNAF models are, or talking politics when you’re just trying to build a car. I swear if I had a penny for every single 16 year old political scientist I met while playing Garry’s Mod I’d have enough to build the goddamn wall myself. It pisses me right the fuck off that these little twerps think they can just join a build server and talk about how their candidate is the best candidate, while ignoring the fact that they’re still living under their parents’ roof and probably haven’t done much research into the actual issues. Maybe if they’d actually done one of those fancy political leaning tests, they’d realize the best candidate was actually letting this addon pee in their buttholes so they’d shut the fuck up already. He has a good platform.

Here are the links

GitHub repo

Isn’t there a SF script that someone was selling that does this. If so rip that guy.

Your explanation went from informative to a rant that’s ironically the same thing you were complaining about in your rant.

0-100 Real quick

However this addon does not work… at least for me i believe you did not include all the files in this file i made an issue here

It works, you just need to look harder https://github.com/z9-tim/gmod-voicechannels/blob/master/voicechannels/lua/voicechannels/sh_voicechannels.lua#L282

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Yikes. It seems that your head makes a good ground-based navaid for overflying jokes

Really really minor stuff here but this can be simplified to [lua]if GetConVar( “voicechannels_drawoverlay” ):GetBool() then[/lua] and converting tables to JSON then sending them as a string uses way more resources than it would to just use WriteTable.

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Nice addon though.

Considering that’s in a HUDPaint hook it’d be smarter to store the ConVar in an up value.

I thought about this when reading over the code, though it’d probably be faster to use WriteTable, WriteTable is also going to send 4 values for every value in the table. If the table has a predictable/static structure, neither route should be taken.

Indeed RIP me.