Hey Guys,

whats with a Voicechat in Rust. Is there something like that noticed?

Yeah it has been brought up already. Dev’s will be lookig into it at a later date…:dance:

Yes, it’s been noticed for a while. The game is in Alpha, there will be a lot more features to come. Please be patient the game is being developed still.

yes i know it in development i just asked for that cauz i heared that everyplayer want it :slight_smile:

All I have to say about this is, I hope they add in a mute feature along with it. Otherwise we can expect a ton of threads popping up about how people want to be able to mute one another.

Yes! mute feature is pretty usefull :smiley:

I’m more conserned about how taxing voip will be on server resources…

I imagine they would have a dedicated server for VOIP (separate from the game). Possibly a third party service.

WarZ has a VOIP server too !

Hard to install i think

its garry he will make that i dont think it will be a problem to install it :smiley:

I was thinking of having proximity voice chat, making it so that you can only hear players near you, like in real life. But you could also “declare” players as friends, and could do some sort of party/group chat with players you set as friends.

They should do this by distance, like if your close to a player only then can you use voicechat!

Yes defenatly ! Its dumb to make it like its in DayZ with the Sidechannel. There should be a proximity chat (chatting/speaking) and a Globalchat (chatting)

I think it would cooler if there was no global chat whatsoever. The players would probably build an area for everyone to meet up and trade. I haven’t played rust but it seems that most of the game is actually meta-game with the other players being the biggest obstacle. Global chat would dampen this effect, IMO.