+voicerecord is stuck on

Shortly after joining a server, +voicerecord seems to get stuck on for some random reason. Pressing the button I actually have bound to +voicerecord (MOUSE4), will cause the voice mode to stop for a second after I release the key (since it’s sending the -voicerecord command) but then comes right back on. It starts happening about 15 seconds after I join a server.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Out of frustration, I reinstalled Garry’s MOD and that seemed to fix the problem.

I got that problem. Could anyone PLEASE find a fix? I dont want to re-install my gmod.

Back up all the folders with downloaded content, that way you don’t have to re-download anything after the reinstall.

Cmon. There gotta be another way.


Been there. Done that.
I still need help.

Sounds like you might have some kinda Lua file turning it on? Unfortunately, you’ll have to try clearing out your addons folder.