"+voicerecord" key does not work in GMod

Everytime I run Garry’s Mod and play in a server, my voicerecord (talking) key does not work. The default key is x, which is what I’ve used. I’ve tried multiple things - rebinding the voicerecord key to a different key, resetting the controls in options to default, and deleting the configs in the garrrysmod folder. I’ve even defragmented the cache files and verified the integrity of the game cache in hopes that that would fix some problem.

I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but please, if you know a fix, I want to know really bad… Not being able to talk in some GMod servers is very annoying. Thank you for reading!

Check your mic volume in options for Audio and make sure the Transmit Voice box is checked.
If that’s already done, then I don’t know.