Void Build (Heavily WIP)

A long time ago, (Forgot his name) a guy posted a thread asking for a map based in the void. He wanted to do void exploration. At that time I said I would try to make the map but never did, because I didn’t really figure out how I would go about it. A couple years later I came back to the idea and figured out that instead of it just being the void, make a spacebuild-esque map (still just a concept) based in a pitch-black world. The fog would be relatively heavy and would emphasize the vastness of the map. Add in platforms with various structures and give it a desolate appearance and you’ve got a map that you can quite literally get lost in without the proper equipment. Currently there are 8 platforms with 2 of them being filled in with a structure. Without further explanation, I’ll post up some screens:

The Spawn (Originally was going to be an onslaught map)

One of the platform’s structures (Is a fortress currently with a bunker in the middle, leading to building areas)

Another one of the platform structures (Special purpose currently, won’t elaborate)

The spawn again (Without the fog)

The spawn (With the fog enabled)

Albeit I said it was heavily WIP, I won’t let it be an excuse. I made this a separate thread because I really would like the CC.

If I recall correctly, there was an amazing map in that style for Hl2 and I loved it.

Ah here it is.

I feel like it is a great idea, but poorly executed.

And being in pitch black, there shouldn’t be any lighting. Unless of course it’s being emitted from another place (which I can’t tell if it is from those pictures).

Also, don’t hold a bugbait while taking screenshots, it looked like there were stars in the black skybox to me.

In what way is it poorly executed? I’d like to know so I can improve.

If you are looking for a broken/destroyed/discarded feel for your map you could maybe try a few floating floodlights for lighting or something.

Just a quick update (Not quite sure if I should have updated first post or not):

Replaced the center platform in spawn with a building instead. Not much to look at currently as I’m contemplating whether or not to add in 2 stories below the platform.

Edit: **I used block light on the windows and doorway because: As distance increased, the lighting was beginning to look more and more pastel-like, and I wanted to give the outside the trait of “eating” light.

There were some displacement planet prefabs for a mapping competition a while ago that you could use to make stuff. Idk just trying to help cause I’m confused with the current pictures.

It’s spacebuild themed but only in the way of gravity and resources. The “planets” are platforms that have their own characteristics and structures.