Void Resonance ' Open Source Survival ' ZS RELEASE

Seems like the whole Open Source Survival got leaked today. So heh, the kid leaked an old version. However due to that happening I’m going to upload the whole GM to Github as I believe others could help improve on it. :slight_smile:

Also want to spend time with someone so yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

The leaked one: http://voidresonance.com/index.php?/topic/86-void-resonance-open-source-survival-zs-release/#entry242


I’ll edit this to look better, just really tired after staying up everyday from 10am - 4am. >_>

Thanks ! VRS is no longer unique

Good for you.

Has nothing to do with me but cool :smiley: I can make zs server now

I find your comment’s tone a tad confusing because you’ve posted a very similar thread?

EDIT: Been handling over Steam, although I do ask people keep this drama off Facepunch, thanks!


Still being released?

oh i wants to get this gamemode lol