Void Roleplay: Breaking the boundaries ( Space/Futuristic RP )

[release]Community Name: Void Roleplay
Script Used: Void - Custom made, based on Cakescript G2
Founders: Kamaitama ( Big Bang ), KingAwesome
Release Date: 20/02/10

Breaking the boundaries…

Void is not your average roleplay server. True, some say that doing futuristic RP is overdone, but were here to prove you otherwise, starting with the simplest fact, and our key design principle, no bullshit.

What do we mean with no bullshit? No paying for admin, no admin asskissing, no drama, no random assgunning, no overly complex schemes. We could go on, but the point here is simple, we treat our users with respect, so they treat us respectfully. Admins have rules, just as users do. Admins can be demoted and punished, just like users. Admins cannot gain a significant advantage over any other player, at least on the in character world, just like any other player.

We offer what most serious roleplay servers can’t offer. Fun. Sheer fun. As someone who has played on a great deal of Serious RP servers, I can tell just how many times roleplay gets dull and boring, and somehow you stay on it just for the sake of it, or gets overly secular and xenophobic. We hope to break with all these stereotypes, and provide you all with a dynamic, innovative, and envolving universe.

The Void Constellation

Taken from the INFO.net part of our website.

The Script:

Mantained by me, Big Bang. I decided to not take the “creative” approach of just doing VGUI changes in all sorts of clever ways. To the contrary, the approach is using the least annoying HUD effects as possible, as to not get in the way of RP.

It’s main benefits are decided in two fields. First of all, is detail expansion. That’s merely a pretty word for just having an actual character sheet, which you, and anyone that can see you can access at any time. No longer is describing your character limited to simply two titles. Now you have one field to put your homeland, an in dept description field, your age, height, even alignment, as well as the previous two titles. Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Don’t ask me. But here, you’ll have it.

The second, is character customization. Since we emphathize RP here, simply adding text detail isn’t enough. There is an entire clothing, height and gear system at your disposition. Mix and match different models, and have it with fully flawless animation. Clothing is tradeable as an item, and we will have a system allowing you to make new clothes, and upload custom models to have them as clothing in game. Remember here, that the system used does not simply change your model, it adds a new model and attaches itself to your skeleton, fixing all those pesky animation problems. Look at some examples.

This would be far less impressive if it wasn’t that my model is Alyx and I’m attaching Lara Croft’s head to her.

This would also be far less impressive if it wasn’t that neither model has these animations, and I’m actually attaching both the Elite model and the monk head to a citizen model rendered invisible.

Limitations are endless, and can’t truly be shown by these crappy pictures. You can have any model, with any model. No more downloading millions of custom models, now just download one, and put it anywhere you’d want it.

The servers ( Yes, in plural )

Here’s the IP to the main city server.

We as of right now have 3 servers, the other 2 servers however, aren’t set up. We need suggestions as to what to do with them, feel free to post them.

The modelpack

SVN based since we’re not yet finished adding stuff to it. Checkout is at:


It looks good. But server ideas fail in pratice if not done correctly.

I am King Awesome and i approve of this thread

Would definitely play this when I have the time!

If you want, add me on Steam, I wouldn’t mind hearing a little bit more about this:

oh my god i came

Official Forums for the server
www.voidrp.ucoz.com, Hold on i’ll get some pictures of the script

This looks sweet. I looove customization.

My guess is that you’re making a custom space map, right?

At the moment, No. But we could use a mapper. We currently have one 24 Slot server, and another one thats currently not being used. We’re thinking on what to put on it, Possibly linking the servers together or not.

What map is the ground server using?

As of right now we haven’t settled. However, it’s very likely it will be a HL2RP one, for lack of better maps. Don’t worry, we will try to look for the one that looks the least out of place.

For now, download City 8 and City 18, those seem to be the strongest candidates.

This looks good. I was one of the closed beta testers and I can tell they’ve put some work into it.

IP’s are to be posted pretty soon.

If it’s space, where’s the ships?

SBEP using my SimpleSpace addon, the point is that you worry more about actually flying than living on space. My guess is that 5 centuries into the future, we would pretty much be able to do almost eternal life support on any ship.

I want to play so badly

this looks interesting. make sure there’s a spacesuit and possibly a moped; rp gets a bit stale without something silly every now and then.

The whole thing is spacesuits and space armor and all that cool stuff. Mopeds, well, that’s something that can be looked upon.

Irregardless, we’re looking for experienced roleplayers to be trusted with Faction ranks and the like. Keep the following in mind:

-We encourage flexibility. Admins will usually not intervene in roleplay that adheres by the rules, so the possibility of being taken out of your position in game exists ( So long as it is IC )

-We look for active people, with the capability to lead, and who can quickly adapt to many situations. And most importantly, who are good talking. Talking will get you anywhere

-You must be respectful, and mature. We don’t want drama, we don’t want leadership issues, if you can’t work with people, you’re free to go. All members are treated on an equal level, and all admins ( Including KingAwesome and me ) are treated at an equal level. We’re all friends here, working for one goal, providing the best RP experience possible. Giving RP back it’s glory.

The forums are at http://voidrp.ucoz.com/forum , check it out, make an account. PM me on FP or add me on SF ( thenoman ) for more information. We appreciate all kinds of help.

This looks really cool, looking forward to it. I’ll definitely try it out.

This is just what I’ve been looking for, you MUST post the IP.

Love it. Want any help, I’m quite knowledgeable of Lua.