VoidRP: Entering the Abyss

[release]Community Name: Void Roleplay
Script Used: Void - Custom made, based on Cakescript G2
Founders: Kamaitama ( Big Bang ), KingAwesome
Release Date: 20/02/10

Breaking the boundaries…

Void is not your average roleplay server. True, some say that doing futuristic RP is overdone, but were here to prove you otherwise, starting with the simplest fact, and our key design principle, no bullshit.

What do we mean with no bullshit? No paying for admin, no admin asskissing, no drama, no random assgunning, no overly complex schemes. We could go on, but the point here is simple, we treat our users with respect, so they treat us respectfully. Admins have rules, just as users do. Admins can be demoted and punished, just like users. Admins cannot gain a significant advantage over any other player, at least on the in character world, just like any other player.

We offer what most serious roleplay servers can’t offer. Fun. Sheer fun. As someone who has played on a great deal of Serious RP servers, I can tell just how many times roleplay gets dull and boring, and somehow you stay on it just for the sake of it, or gets overly secular and xenophobic. We hope to break with all these stereotypes, and provide you all with a dynamic, innovative, and envolving universe.

The Void Constellation, Surrounding Planets

Taken from the INFO.net part of our website.
Planetary Information

Name: EDEN-1
Circumference: ~25,000 km
Distance from Sun: .8 AU from Magnus -1
Mean Surface Temperature: 16 C
Atmosphere Composition: 77% Nigrogen, 20% Oxygen, 2% Water Vapor, .95% Helium, .05% Carbon Dioxide
Gravitational Force: .95 Earth Gravity
Satellites: Multiple small moons
Population: 150,000 (Including Alien Lifeforms)
Dominant Features: Currently used as an Alliance training ground and as a designated research planet (Universities, Laboratories, etc. located here). Vast majority of planet is tropical with exotic species and abundant ocean. Energy capacity can provide for 200,000 individuals.

Name: EDEN-2
Circumference: ~32,000 km
Distance from Sun: 1.0 AU from Magnus -1
Mean Surface Temperature: 33 C
Atmosphere Composition: 70% Nigrogen, 9.9% Oxygen, .1% Water Vapor, 20% Carbon Dioxide
Gravitational Force: 1.05 Earth Gravity
Satellites: None
Population: 200,000 (Human refugees)
Dominant Features: Refugees contained in small areas and slowly escorted off planet. Population grows at a slow rate as families struggle to grow enough food and work to pay the fees required at sustainable containment camps. Planet is significantly hotter and dryer than average due to a caldera explosion and a destroyed atmosphere. Disease, poverty, and starvation rampant in containment cities.

Name: EDEN-3
Circumference: ~43,000 km
Distance from Sun: 1.3 AU from Deos
Mean Surface Temperature: 12 C
Atmosphere Composition: 76% Nigrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1.95% Water Vapor, 1% Helium, .05% Carbon Dioxide
Gravitational Force: .99 Earth Gravity
Satellites: Singular Moon
Population: 800,000 (Humans)
Dominant Features: Planet is temperate and overall a comfortable temperature. Large, metallic deserts cover most of the planet which is where major mining operations for Helium-3 occur. Planet resources suitable for many millions of inhabitants and fertile to grow large surpluses of food.

Name: Tzamar
Circumference: ~35,000 km
Distance from Sun: .9 AU from Mo’Taimar
Mean Surface Temperature: 17 C
Atmosphere Composition: 77% Nigrogen, 20% Oxygen, 2% Water Vapor, .95% Argon, .05% Carbon Dioxide
Gravitational Force: 1.0 Earth Gravity
Satellites: Large ring of scattered chunks of ice
Population: 2,076,000,000 Ztarians (4 Billion Galaxy Wide)
Dominant Features: Mountainous homeplanet of the Ztarian species. Massive tropical forests cover most of the land with scattered Ztarian cities built into the sides of mountains. Ztarian are a conservative species that understand how to use their resources and have built a flourishing trade empire across the galaxy. Temples are built underwater or at the top of the mountains and are considered highly sacred and essential for Ztarian life. Government is an oligarchy/monarchy where the elite business class rules alongside an endless line of kings and queens.

Name: Clockwork V
Circumference: ~15,000 km
Distance from Sun: 53 AU from Deos
Mean Surface Temperature: -260 C (Near absolute zero)
Atmosphere Composition: Almost Zero Atmosphere
Gravitational Force: .06 Earth Gravity
Satellites: None
Population: 500,000 Sentients
Dominant Features: A dark, frozen landscape with no discernable features and massive frozen oceans. Mass producing Sentient production facilities located here as sponsored by the Alliance. Sentients operate using Helium facilities and the extreme cold allows for extreme conducting efficiency.

*What happened to this insignificant blue sphere?

That sphere which held all from Nuns to Nazis? Where mothers and fathers, friends and foes, black and white made their stomping ground? Is pollution or war to blame for that barren land? No, not that we can remember. Did technology bust the wall between us and them? No, it saved us…maybe. What made one world a battle ground? Who abandoned us to nothing more than this wasteland? What marked the end of our history, of our race? Did anything at all?

What made this sphere a chunk of yellow sand?*

Source: Transmission detected from Unknown Male left behind on Earth

At a time in space when humanity never bothered to worry over the year, Earth was in a decrepit state. It was not pollution that caused such mass filth, for clean energy had cleansed the world of pollution and foul air. It was not war that caused death and chaos, for the guise of peace had swept the weapons of holocaustic war to the wayside. It was resource. It was space. With no war to keep the planet in check, with no pollution to poison the wells, with no fueled hatred to infect the minds, the human population flourished. In fact, the race did so well, so exponentially well, that the once false theories of Malthus came to realization.

With an exploding population on the brink of global starvation, the Belligerents which had spend decades on the backburners of history soon reappeared, sweeping the land. The “boundless” food that was propagandized failed to suffice these angry unwashed, so they rallied in great numbers to overthrow the powers at be. Disease spread across the race faster than anything before, turning people into walking carcasses of boils and infection. The rich and governments of the world isolated themselves behind the walls of fallouts and science while the Belligerents continued, unabated, in their Nordic crusade to destroy, pillage, and hoard anything they could. Their mindset lacked morals, their methods lacked mercy, and blood flooded the streets from the mouth of that same Leviathan that had enflamed the revolutions of the Old World. Government was no cure, religion was of no comfort, and the smell of burning flesh, forest, and factories covered the world in a black plume. The atmosphere was acrid and poisonous to all daring to traverse the wasteland outdoors.

With the ravaging of the Belligerents and the fires of war burning this once Utopia into a living Inferno, the highest of mankind looked above for the cure. Biogells and Enzymes had made man God over biology through perfect replication of cells. Cloning provided a near boundless source of stem cells, but men in white coats carrying vials of blue mess could not possibly cure the bustling billions of the world. Food seemed infinitely produceable, at least for those lucky enough to be around the Benefactors. Rather, an Ark was designed to take man and beast and their genetic codes to a terrestrial paradise in the Alpha Centauri system in hopes of colonizing a new Earth. As they lifted off, leaving the barren wasteland behind, it was clear that their progress might never be known.

Remaining behind were the Jilted Elite: those rich and powerful who were not guaranteed their spot upon the Ark. As they contained their knowledge and wealth in their shelters, they discovered something hidden for centuries behind the stringy arm of an abysmal black hole. With the light of distant systems no longer sucked from the sky, the Jilted Elite and their space probes found a system with habitable planets similar to Earth and a few light years closer than Centauri. Probes further found that the planets, blasted with cosmic rays and the remnants of the same supernovae that collapsed into the black hole, had a substantial amount of harvestable Helium-3 on the planets’ metallic plains. Resource and the potential for easy colonization became a very clear incentive for this group of rich and intelligent individuals.

Understanding that Helium-3 could be combined with Hydrogen-2 found in most major bodies of water, these Jilted Elite guaranteed themselves a truly infinite and non-radioactive source of fusion energy. They built their second ark, taking with them vast resource, knowledge, and technology, to colonize these brave new worlds. Great hope arose, at least for those aware of the new planets, that this was a grand opportunity to advance the evolution of humanity. Aboard their vessel, Apotheosis, these people left behind the poor, diseased, and dying people of the jaundiced world, and assured the finality of Earth’s sustainability. The Jilted Elite soon became Architects and stepped headfirst into The Void.

Source: A Fresh Look at the Old World; Dr. Jeremy P. Thurgood; P.h.D. Earth History

Added (2010-02-25, 3:32 Am)

**The First Architects **

Unlike the Ark that took the first crew to Centauri, the Apotheosis felt it unnecessary to bring with them animals or devices to preserve the Old World Order. Equipped with the history of mankind, his stories, his technology, his genetic zoology bank, those of the Apotheosis felt themselves higher than any previous generations of humanity. Nearly all of its inhabitants chose to enter cryogenic freezing for the duration of the flight, estimated at 175 Earth Years, letting robots and those content with death to control their fate. Fortunately, their flight went as scheduled without any massive failure.

Their pride, however, soon fell sharply in the harshness of the Void. Their first attempt at colonization, EDEN-1, fell victim after 80 years to technical errors and an inability to produce enough resource to sustain a large population. It remains in operation, but only as a small outpost for military training and scientific research. EDEN-2, built a planet away from EDEN-1, was destroyed a few decades into the project due to a massive caldera exploding and raising the temperature of the planet over 20 degrees Celsius. Disparaged by the previous two failures of their fathers and mothers, the new generation of Architects moved to a neighboring sun and founded EDEN-3. A metropolis soon bustled and humanity was able to reestablish itself, its history, its architecture, and its knowledge in a new world. And then they came.

For the entirety of their project, an alliance of races surrounding the Void constellation observed humans feeble attempts to reestablish itself. Finally, seeing that truly powerful roots were established, an vessel carrying emissaries from numerous empires landed on EDEN-3 and spoke of their intents. Welcoming Humanity with wide arms, the Alliance gave aid to the struggling human population. Armed with the support of very expansive and powerful space faring empires, the Alliance was accepted as the military force of EDEN-3. The perfect AI, too, was granted to EDEN-3 by a highly technical race of synthetics, silicon based lifeforms named the Sentient. This mechanic race, a labor force built by the founders of the Alliance that have since established their own empire, offered huge amounts of technology to humanity and offered their support in patrolling the planetside and protecting humanities last best hope.

While mining of Helium-3 and the gathering of Hydrogen-2 from EDEN-3’s oceans occurred without issue, an economical and reptilian empire named the Ztarian. The Ztarian, also a highly devout race, had contacted various humans in the past, but were prompted to wipe their contact’s memory because of a human inability to keep a secret. This race provided the humans with advanced mining technology and slowly overtook and recreated the mining operations across EDEN-3’s metallic deserts. Massive drills and sweepers extracted the Helium-3 and the mega-energy corporations gained huge amounts of capital. Their distributed capital to all over the economic sectors laid the foundation for the Conglomerate.

With the memories of Old Earth in the distant past, the issues that afflicted the old planet soon afflicted EDEN. The gap between rich and poor widened, people forgot the old histories and humanities, and the world was no longer controlled by the elite and highly intelligent. The common man came back as a powerful force, though better suited and healthier than those of the decrepit planet, and served as the labor force driving the economy. With their interests in mind and their ideology fueled by a desire for the greater interest, the Federation arose to challenge the authority of the Alliance and Conglomerate.

The Script:

Mantained by me, Big Bang. I decided to not take the “creative” approach of just doing VGUI changes in all sorts of clever ways. To the contrary, the approach is using the least annoying HUD effects as possible, as to not get in the way of RP.

It’s main benefits are decided in two fields. First of all, is detail expansion. That’s merely a pretty word for just having an actual character sheet, which you, and anyone that can see you can access at any time. No longer is describing your character limited to simply two titles. Now you have one field to put your homeland, an in dept description field, your age, height, even alignment, as well as the previous two titles. Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Don’t ask me. But here, you’ll have it.

The second, is character customization. Since we emphathize RP here, simply adding text detail isn’t enough. There is an entire clothing, height and gear system at your disposition. Mix and match different models, and have it with fully flawless animation. Clothing is tradeable as an item, and we will have a system allowing you to make new clothes, and upload custom models to have them as clothing in game. Remember here, that the system used does not simply change your model, it adds a new model and attaches itself to your skeleton, fixing all those pesky animation problems. Look at some examples.

This would be far less impressive if it wasn’t that my model is Alyx and I’m attaching Lara Croft’s head to her.

This would also be far less impressive if it wasn’t that neither model has these animations, and I’m actually attaching both the Elite model and the monk head to a citizen model rendered invisible.

Limitations are endless, and can’t truly be shown by these crappy pictures. You can have any model, with any model. No more downloading millions of custom models, now just download one, and put it anywhere you’d want it.

The servers ( Yes, in plural )

Here’s the IP to the main city server.

We as of right now have 3 servers, the other 2 servers however, aren’t set up. We need suggestions as to what to do with them, feel free to post them.

The modelpack

SVN based since we’re not yet finished adding stuff to it. Checkout is at:


I’ve updated this thread post with various parts of our info.net section on the forums. Most of what you’ve seen here was player-contributed.

Looks extremely nice. One of the things that attracted me was the character customization.

I shall one day find out how you’ve done this… Give all credit to idea, and then ask for permission to add to FAP rp, again FAP community wishes to ally as soon as possible with the VOID community.

Looks awesome, and entering the Abyss, eh? That sounds so fucking sexy!

Keep up the good work.

Get a model, Shrink the head, get another model, shrink the rest of the body, align the two, ta-da.

No, you don’t shrink either. If you did that, animation incompatibilities. Color the player model invisible, add a body entity with the head shrunk, and make it snap to the player’s bones. Do the same with a head entity, and snap only the head to the playermodel head.

I’m definitely getting into this, hope it picks up.

Also, I wish the main server wasn’t on gm_galactic. Just not a huge fan of the map. It’s well done, but colourless and kind of bland at times.

I dislike how you didn’t write any of that on your own Steven, it was copied from the forums and Big Bangs original post in the main Roleplaying section.

Nice job noticing that, kirad
EDIT: I Also asked him for permission to use the older post, since he didnt add anything onto it after a while