Voip is not working

Hello, I recently bought rust and whenever i press “v” my voip does not transmit. I was wondering if anyone has insight into this problem. Thank you

did you check your key binds? you might have changed it

yes i checked the binds and it is still set to V


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I tried to change my key binds and when i connect to a server it shows my microphone(realtek high def) as being recognized but no body can hear me in game.

I have the same problem.

I thought their post about going to global chat only meant they were temporarily removing the VOIP, but I had someone talking to me yesterday so I guess not…

no one i play with has that problem idk what the issue is.

I actually have a similar issue. My mic works in every game but after the last update nobody can hear me. It even lights up when I’m in game but it does not work. It’s an input on a USB webcam.

my mic works fine in raidcall and ventrilo and the such but im not gettin any audio input in game.

has anyone found a fix to this issue?