Voirtigaunt Face issue

Maybe I’m an idiot for not noticing any word on this, but I’m confused as heck what happened to the Vortigaunt model’s faceposing in the GMod Beta, or GMod itself, as things currently stand.



What happened? Is it the new faceposing system? Is there a fix for this somewhere?

Gonna bump because I’m having the same problem. Has this been fixed yet for anyone else?

Yeah I noticed this ages ago. If you load up a HL2 map with vorts in it and play it like you were playing HL2 normally, all the vorts’ eyes stretch to a peak when they talk.

Damned if I know why or if it’s even fixable.

It seems this bug has come up again


It seems to also effect custom ragdolls as well,
only seems to be the eye flexes though.

I can’t tell if there is even a problem in Gregori’s case…

Bloo’s enhanced citizens eyes seem to work fine,it seems only the default eye flexes are affected,
tried clean installing and it doesn’t seem to fix it,can anyone else confirm if there default half life 2 models blink/eye flexes work?.