Volcanoes in Rust

think about it lol

On a serious note I agree. There should be volcanos :slight_smile: they’re adding natural disasters after all. A volcano is just another one. Plus it add another place for more specific resources. I’m all for it :slight_smile:

Oh yeah

I thought about it. And I didn’t really like it.

That would add a lot of hell to the world, however the eruptions would have to be rare and it would be awesome if they would take half a real life day before they fully erupt. You would see the smoke first and have small earth tremors and stuff like that, that would be cool.

Eruptions after a several amount of people online >:(

its actually a nice idea since its an island, but there are no fluid physics in rust atm x)

I would like for there to be volcanoes. Simply because then you would have access to obsidian as a resource, which could be used to create many primitive weapons such as knives and spears (low durability as obsidian is fragile as hell, but would dish out a shit-load of damage compared to normal stone weapons).

Vulcanos WITH DINOS !!!


terminators, predators and aliens!!!

Not a bad idea. And if the serveradmin decides to wipe the server the volcano will do it for him.

Killing everything and destroying all of the building what will take half of a rl day.

I would go on the highest spot, grab my popcorn and watch the show <3

Thats actually a really good idea

dont see the point in wasting tons of time on making something useless :pwn:

What about putting a volcano on the map that is ALREADY exploded? But just leaks lava from it to a certain point? You can get metals from lava or something… or other…


It wouldn’t be useless. It would be a source of sulphur and certain other rare specific resources and it would be a natural disaster that could erupt once a month or so and cause destruction to the surrounding area. They’re going to add other natural disasters like tornados and floods anyway, so this would just be something else going on in a big map.

I think it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

why would you even build anywhere near to the volcano if it erupts?
and how the hell would you get sulfur from lava?
you do know that lava is techically just stones?

I never said you get sulfur from lava. But sulfur can be found near volcanoes because of the chemical reactions that produce it.

There are places all over that world that build within the danger zone of volcanoes … Believe it or not … In reality they don’t tend to erupt once a day :stuck_out_tongue:

If there were valuable resources nearby then people could build mining operations nearby to gather resources for a few days before moving away.

I’m just saying that with a bit of creative thinking it could be quite cool to have one on a map which would only otherwise only be filled with standard mountains.

Nice idea,I would like it !

Me likey. Would fit with dinos pretty well.

Blizzards would be awesome too. Cold killing people but then I’d love to have a way to paint my clothes/house with some kind of dye.