Voliatle Division Films - Recruitment

Well as the title implies volatile division films are in need of a few talented players to help our machinima group out, we need mature and talented player that are able to contribute to our group and are able to work in a team.

To be able to join our group you need to be from the UK and you must have a working microphone regardless of your role.

We need:

• 1 Recorder - Source Recorder / Fraps.
• 3 Actors
• 3 Voice Actors
• 1 Script Writer
• Host - 12 Slots

Current Members:

• King King Billy - Founder
• Wilkoo


lol im fine with this thread but please spell volatile division as i just have…lol variations just wont do :stuck_out_tongue:


right ok…we shall be making our first machinima as soon as we get a script…possibly we could start with a spacebuild project? oh well. we shall see what talent turns up

Opps. :v:

:stuck_out_tongue: why arent we getting replys…hmmmmm…


No idea, just give it time.

Bump. Anyone?

Congratulations, you are the 50th new garrysmod filmcrew in this year.

Do we win a price :v: ?

But seriously we need a few people to help us. I know we are like all the other threads but i cannot help that.

You’ve been counting? Kinda sad

Now count the ones that actually make something. Then count the ones that actually make something good



Let’s see about… 10 of them made actually some thing… and none of them made anything good.

Ok, now back to the reason off this thread.

Hi there i have LOADS of time free and im Happy to be a Voice Actor and a Host

Contact me at my Email
Or add me at Steam

Greetings nobodytje
Living in belgium
A.K.A Dr.Hax!

i would like to help, but first you have to tell me what type of films ur gonna make…
i am not in the mood to make some stupid unfunny ‘random’ film.

Has your “group” even made anything

Are you, like, the ideas guy?

This group has failed and was doomed from the start.

I would join as a recorder, but it seems like your group has failed in recruiting anyone.

€100 both of you can’t do shit concerning machinima making except for being ‘the ideas guy’.