Volume changes when playing gmod

Not sure why this happens but when I join a garrysmod server Right when “sending client info” the volume on every other program on my computer lowers to about 1/3rd of the way Which is annoying since I do not live alone and its either I have low music and regular gmod sounds Or I have Normal music and ear raping SMG bullet sounds.

Any way to fix this?

If its windows 7, theres a control for it somewhere.

Yeah it is >_> anyways does anyone have any clue where this wonderful control might be?
maybe theres a panel somewhere?


Try control panel.

Damnit, I can’t find anything!

Well I know if you have music from a background program and if there is a sound in gmod it lowers the volume of the background noise until the noise is over :stuck_out_tongue:

Any Ideas on how to stop this?
Its annoying as fuck.

Control Panel > Realtek HD Audio Manager > Digital Output Tab > Uncheck Loudness Equalization

well at least the problem is now fixed for all people with Realtek audio cards

Albeit I’m still left in the dust, Anybody else have any more bright ideas?

You audio card should have an audio manager regardless of make, it’ll just be a little different to the Realtek one

Since I have an intergrated card It looks Like im going to need to find out who makes the hardware for it; So I can get the software for it.
Necause I doubt EVGA makes the card.
Ill keep looking into it


I’m sure that was an intentional joke, but if not, while I’m sure that’s an extremely helpful screenshot it’s kind of hard for the guy to read it, considering the foreign language thing.

It’s in the same place.

Right click the sound icon in the taskbar > Click Sounds > go to “Communications” > Check “Do nothing”.

Thanks guys It worked!

Wow this was hella helpful. Bumping for good information.

Had the same problem, now it’s fixed. Good work guys!