Volvo 850R

All right, one way or another I’m trying to get a Volvo 850R wagon into GMod for a comic. I own the car personally (yeah, mine’s the R version…suuuure…), so I can provide any reference pictures a modeler could possibly need. I also have numerous existing reference pictures and an AutoCAD architectural drawing (by which I mean a blueprint-style outline vector) of the vehicle in question, and have attempted the model on my own, before realizing, “How the shit am I supposed to curve a plane that complex? Oh fucking fuck.” The texture I can handle, unless you specifically want your own on it.

Alternatively to having someone model it, I would be just as happy with help on modeling it myself. The aforementioned problem arose when I tried to form a plane into the side of the car body, which confused the hell out of me. I’ve never modeled a car before (except maybe the flying Cadillac…), and I’m not much of a modeler to begin with. What would be the best way to attack a shape like the 850? How should I form the windows? How do I form the curves of the body?

Here’s what we have to work with.

Link to an everloving shitton of pictures of the car

Scaled Architectural Drawing

Full Size Architectural Drawing (is huge) (I mean fucking enormous) (It’s 1:1 scale with the actual car)

My attempt at modeling:

What’s the word, Facepunch?