VoodooGaming.co.uk - ToxSin Gamemode -

Voodoo Gaming is a fairly new community that’s just starting up.

As our first server, we’re hosting ToxSin gamemode.
Please feel free to join the server and have fun.

Server IP -

The gamemode wasn’t made by me, but it’s on this forum. No custom downloads are needed, as all files are included with the server and the fast download.

We’re looking for members and we’re looking for scripters. Have fun and good luck surviving them zombies!

Some more content would be nice. Like what are some perks to your server and rules.

I just played on this server, and I must say it was really good. Even though the community is just starting, people talked and had fun while playing which is a big plus.
And the gamemode is great, especially when you’ve gotten tired of TTT and sandbox.

There is still some work that could be done, such as a rule list and other shite, but for now it’s working fine.
I’m looking forward to gaining a few active players on the server. ^^

Nuke? I remember you coming to MerzBro’s server <3

By the way, did you look at the map i told you about? Is it bad? I didn’t even download it >_< Thought it was good though.

ToxSin is a great choice, no way I’m letting this advert die. I’ll stop by later.

Nice wallhack you have there.

Dumbass, you see your team mates through the game mode.

Player Zombies see Humans too.

Can you also update the server? It doesn’t let me in.