vort in HEV suit

Can some one make a vort in a HEV suit please i have been trying to find one for a wile. A am looking for a vort with a helmet and one with out can some one make one. I can’t find images that have a vort in a HEV suit. what i mean by this is a suit that looks like it was ment for the vorts.

can some one make a HEV vort with a helmet and one with out a helmet.

I don’t think a Vort could actually fit in a HEV suit…

I mean a HEV suit that ment for the vort. The main reason i want this is for rag doll posses on spaceship maps and on space build ships.

That would be awesome! Someone please do this. :smiley:


Hm, i might try…don’t expect too much though.

thank you.

if this happens… man its gonna be awesome!