Vortex (1/24) Rust++|PvP|Sleeper|Doorshare|1/2craft|ZERO Abuse

-1/2crafting time
-Chat History
-Private messages
-Starter kit on cooldown (1 stone hatchet and 5 meat once per 30 minutes)

Are you tired of dealing with admin abuse or admins that do not play the game and just mess with everyone else for their own fun?
Are you sick of joining a server you know is good but never has an active admin on to ban the cheaters?
Do you hate an “admins idea” of what loot tables should be or blocked crafting C4 cause they are scared to be raided?
Are you sooo tired of searching the server list for ever just to try and find a server that does not have some kind of problem?

Well that is the same reason I set up a server for the community to play in to deal with these core issues that seem to plague most other servers.

Here in Vortex we have NO edited loot tables, NO blocks on crafting and ZERO admin abuse. The admins on Vortex are not only active but they
play the game like everyone else. Admins keep the peace and do everything in their power to track down cheaters and ban them off the server.
Admins are players first ALWAYS and an admin when an issues arises for them to deal with. They gather supplies, they build bases and they get raided
like every other player on the server.

Amazing server, no lag, no admin abuse, and a great group of people

Nice server, just wish Rust++ would update I miss doorshare :frowning:

^ you dont need door share anymore.