Vortex Gaming | PERP3.0 | Serious | USA

Instead of making this a long ass thread for you guys to read, why not make it short and snappy.

Vortex Gaming is a Minecraft and Garry’s Mod Community.


PERP3 Server IP:

All rules apply in game.

No we did not get perp from a free source, we bought it off Voltage Gaming, about 3 days before it shut down.

That Facebook login button is not aligned correctly.

Nice you got Vbulletin

Seems cool, i’ll try it out

Also, so far looks like the admins are really professional.

Hmm… usualy I don’t play PERP 'cause it always has a buncha kid admins and a shit communitys, but I have herd good things about you guys. I will join and check it out.

Only true if you play some Danish kid’s ‘magical’ PERP, of which there are many of these days. Lets hope this dosen’t end up like them.

Sites down, 0/32 players.

I would join but you see, Site is down and no players, not even YOU :open_mouth:

Sites back up I see.

KrAaze, heres something to help u

// ++=========================================================================++
// || vBadvanced CMPS v4.1.0 (vB 4.0 - 4.1) - 137876
// || © 2003-2011 vBadvanced.com - All Rights Reserved
// || This file may not be redistributed in whole or significant part.
// || http://vbadvanced.com
// || Downloaded 17:49, Mon Jul 11th 2011
// || 810137876_402249061106
// ++ ========================================================================++
error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~8192);
define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'adv_index');
define('VBA_PORTAL', true);
define('VBA_SCRIPT', 'CMPS');
// ============================================
// Enter the full path to your forum here
// Example: /home/vbadvanced/public_html/forum
// ============================================
$forumpath = '';
// ============================================
// No Further Editing Necessary!
// ============================================
if ($forumpath)
	if (!is_dir($forumpath))
		echo 'Invalid forum path specified! Please edit this file and be sure to include the correct path for your $forumpath variable.';
$phrasegroups = array();
$globaltemplates = array();
$actiontemplates = array();
$specialtemplates = array();