Vortex Melon

Alright, this is a SENT I coded for the hell of it and I’ve had it laying on my harddrive for a month or two, so why not stick it up here.

Update: The Vortex Melon now dissolves NPCs and ragdolls.

The Vortex Melon. It’s a melon. When you place it near props it dissolves them with a cool particle effect and such. Just look at the pics, which are in the download, as they’re really big and if I stick them in here it stretches the thread up worse than goatse.




Comments and questions greatly appreciated.

woot first post,looks cool,I’ll download.

I’ll download, but a video would be nice :D.

Ok, video’s done, let me just stick it on youtube.

it’s insanely nice great job this plus the create stool makes a lot of fun

That’s pretty damn neat. Is the melon breakable?

this is so cool! :smiley: can it dissolve ragdools to?

I could make it dissolve ragdolls…

you shuod! ( it would be funny to see gman get dissolved by a melon) :slight_smile:

Is it a bird?
Is it a black hole?
No it is the ‘Vortrx’ Melon
anyway nicely made

It’s suposed to be “Vortex” Melon, but I had a typo in the title… (oops)

make it dissolve npcs and ragdolls too

Ok, I’ll go do that right now.

and PLAYERS!!! HAHAH, but make it admin

Ok, my video drivers took a shit so it took another 30 minutes to get it completed. First post updated.

Great craze awesome

Whoa!!! The first thing i thought when i saw that was “Quincy” Looks like when Ishida absorbs the spirit particles in the surrounding area. (Ishida is a character in the anime Bleach). Very nice work there!

It looks good for mingebags i can’t test it because I’m moving

Wow, kickass particle effects. Great job. :smiley:

Awesome melon. Awesome movie. Downloaded them both :smiley: