Vortex Rikers

I’ve been working on this map for about 3 days now and I’d just like to show you what I’ve got so far. It’s still in heavy WIP so some of the stuff you see isn’t final. Also note, this is basically my first map. I will post more screenshots as I work on it.
Anyway, screenshots:

<WIP> (also needs better textures for the terminals)

<Heavy WIP>

As some of you have probably noticed It’s based on Unreal’s “Vortex Rikers”
Constructive criticism and tips are welcome.

Pretty sexy looking first map you have there, though it seems a bit empty.

Looks good! The only thing you could do better is the texture alignment IMO. Make sure the textures end with the brushes, especially those sci-fi textures. Use the fit-option in case you can’t find the right values for the face’s size.

Lighting could be brighter and the texturing sucks.

Make sure to take full advantage of the texture applicator; it lets you move textures on a face, resize them etc.

Make sure you have the exterior of the ship in scale with the interior, that oversight in the game annoyed me when I first played it.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Been working on it some more, trying to give it a less empty feel:

Oh, and that horribly textured block behind the stack of boxes to the left in the first screenshot is just a place holder for a door.

Horrible textured

Great texturing! You just need to align the textures at a few places (You might want to run over your map again just to find some errors), specifically the pylons with the metal circles, which are very off.

Very well lit, too.

Back again, practically finished the med-lab and made a start on the cargo bay.

Still a bit of texture problems, but looking good!

Part of the problem is that the original textures are being used, in conjunction with hl2 props. Plus it is the source engine. Please sort out the textures.

Made me think of Doom 3, anyway nice first map

Okay, I loaded up the map and was about to sort the textures, but I’ve got a problem - all of the props have removed themselves. Any idea what the problem is?

By sorting out the textures i meant replacing them with some that are more hi res and fitting with the source engine.

Oh, right. Sorry not too focused today. Anyway about the textures, when you say original I’m assuming you mean textures from the original Unreal? I’m actually using a sci-fi texture pack which is about the same defenition as HL2 textures, If not higher. The only original textures used are the ones you see in the med-lab. …Lights deleted themselves too, About to give up on this.

Re-done all of the props and lights, Sorry I’ve not updated in a while, bumped this, and double posted.
Got some content if anyones interested:

It’s near complete, but I’m not sure it’s even worth releasing, let alone having it’s own thread looking back on it.

You have no idea how many bricks I shat when I saw the name

Oh god do waaant

Nice… Generator that’s horizontal?

Please don’t use those garbage yellow tube lights from nova propekt, they’re an eyesore. Borrow some tube lights from CSS, they’ll fit way better with the theme. I also think you could do better with the lighting, it looks like you aren’t using texlights (which would make it look way better), and self illumination maps on the texlights would make them look even better.